Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Stalking

Am I the only one who stalks houses on the Internet?  I found this little beauty earlier today. Don't ask me why I was looking. I'm not in the market for a house, and if I were this wouldn't fit any of my practical criteria (it has one bathroom and just over 1,600 square feet - methinks it too small for my family of four and two animals). But I just thought it was adorable. It was built in 1900 . . . ah, the character!

Here are some interior shots:
I'm not sure about the checkerboard floor, but it's an interesting feature. I'm digging the white walls with black trim, though.

I'm not wild about the dark cabinetry and the counters wouldn't be my choice, but I love the built-in china cabinet and the ceiling is really cool.

And I love these white painted floors and woodwork.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I have a thing for white houses. Farmhouses. Cottages. Usually clapboard. Preferably old or at least built to look old.

And here's what I might like the inside of my imaginary white farmhouse or cottage to look like.
Maybe a little funky modern farmhouse. Not too country. Maybe just quirky. With exposed beams, please.

And maybe a ticking stripe slip-covered camelback sofa. With down cushions, of course.

More exposed beams and a mix of furniture for a bit of granny chic. Assuming she's a stylish granny.
Oh, and I would need a rustic map room. Doesn't everyone?

Or I could just go spare and simple with lots of white and neutrals a la Daryl Carter . . . 

Or possibly add a few shots of color.

What about the kitchen? Oh, I've got some ideas . . . 
Any of these would do.

Something about these spaces feels cozy enough for snuggling up in the winter but light and airy enough during the warmer months. Maybe one day . . . 

What's your idea of the perfect house . . . real or imaginary?

Photos courtesy of: RealTracs, A Life's Design, NYTimes.com, Make Room for Living, The Inspired Room, Point Click Home and House Beautiful


Susan said...

I have always loved the house on the corner of Central and ? in the U of M area. It used to be yellow stucco with green shutters but recently went through a major renovation. I always thought that house would be perfect somewhere in the Provence region of France outside of Arles or St. Remy. Exposed beams, chevron-laid hardwood floors inside with a field of lavender surrounding my small vineyard out back is what I dream of. Now if mom would just hurry up and win the lottery......

My Interior Life said...

Yes, she needs to get on that so both of our dream homes can become reality!