Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yes, I'm doing more shameless promotion for our Tag Sale coming up next Saturday, October 1. Just a reminder . . .
And here are some recent goodies I found for the sale. I'm shopping for you, people. All very selfless I assure you.
Brass pagoda lamp.

Brass garden seat.

Large blue coral. Set it anywhere.
But, if you can't wait till next Saturday, there's another "tag" in town. Recently, another mom friend of mine opened her own shop called "tag" in the Bellevue area of Nashville. 
Her concept is very cool . . . her shop is open every other week on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays . . . sort of like a flea market or tag sale. The other weekends, she's out scouting finds to fill the shop. Jennifer has a wonderful eye and likes Chinoiserie/Chinese Chippendale as much as I do. No wonder I like her. Here are some of her recent treasures.
This pagoda mirror is to die for, and it's at a fabulous price.
The interior of her shop is a beautiful pink. Even the floor is pink. It truly sets off the merchandise. My sad iPhone photos do not do the color justice (sorry, it almost looks orange in some pictures). To give you a better idea, the store immediately reminded me of this fabulous entry in House Beautiful . . .
More of the items up for sale . . . 

So, the next time "tag" is open is tomorrow, Thursday, September 22. If you're in the Nashville area, you should definitely stop in!
treasures, antiques & good stuff
8333 Sawyer Brown Road
Open 2nd & 4th weekends
Hours - Th & F: 9-3  S: 10-5


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

The brass garden stool! Ima be throwing bows for it!!!! Bahahah I bet we are gonna be buying from eachother!

And you are not a loser kathy. I think some ppl misunderstood my post. Sorry bout what some readers say.

Melissa Crochet said...

That stool is amazing and I can't wait to check out that new store...her rugs are beautiful! See you Friday. said...

Wish Sissy, Hooper and I could road trip it your way!(now, THAT would be the blind leading the blind!) Would love to come to your tag sale!!! Best of luck! ...-Ann

Amanda Hill said...

Ummm wish I could be there!

MFAMB said...

woah woah WOAH!! pack that shit up and send it to me immediately.

bluehydrangea said...

that brass garden stool is amazing!! So wish I lived closer!!! I like Ann's idea of road tripping!!

Jessie said...

Love that pagoda table lamp and that brass garden stool! Great finds! And I also like the pagoda mirror at TAG! So much eye candy!

P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a stylish book by Kerrie Hess: 'Shoestring Chic'!

Have a great weekend!


court. said...

1. how much is your friend charging for rent? I'll leave my cramped nyc apartment that i share with strangers (awesome) to rent it a few weekends out of the month.

2. if i beam myself down south. and I mean SOUTH south, as in I've never been farther SOUTH than DC, will it be ok if i say "wicked" and "ya'll" in the same breath or will the universe explode?

Seriously, gorgeous stuff. Wish there were cool ladies in nyc to do this with