Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ladies Only

I picked up a great piece of artwork over the weekend. It was on sale. Seriously, art on sale. What could be better?
It's a fairly small piece, just a canvas (I might frame it later), so I've been moving it around and propping it up in different spots. Still not sure where it will land, but probably in my bedroom. It's titled "A Day at the Spa." I could use one of those.

Art is such a visceral thing. Either you're drawn to a certain piece or you're not. Some people love landscapes, others favor abstracts (which I also love, by the way). For me, it's always been art with a particular subject that pulls me in time and again.

Here's some more art from around our house. See if you can detect a theme. Don't worry, it's not a test. And if it were, it would be super easy.

This was one of the first pieces of original art my husband and I purchased many years ago. I think it's titled "Old-Fashioned Girl."

A couple of years later, we picked up this feminine thinker at a local art show for a really good price.

And recently, this lovely lady came home with me from an antique mall for just $40. I love her expression -- very Peyton Place -- and her peacock blue dress. You may remember her from this post.

So, have you figured it out yet? I swear I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I keep picking artwork featuring women. At least they're not nudes. Although that would probably make my husband happy. 

Is there a particular type of art that you're drawn to?


bluehydrangea said...

Love all your artwork and your new piece is fabulous. I have been looking for ages for something to go in a small spot in my hallway and today I got out some paper and painted one myself. I hope to stumble across something as good as yours one day soon!!

My Interior Life said...

Thanks, Sissy! I'm all for making your own art! I did the same thing for my bedroom. I got sick of looking at empty walls so I painted a large abstract piece. Not sure it will win any awards, but it did the trick of filling the space with something colorful.

Matt said...

some nudes would be a fine addition. they are very artsy fartsy and would also increase the entertainment value of our home. i'll shop for some asap!

K Jordan said...

I have the same type thing going on except with farmhouses. And birds- I have more than a normal amount of knick knacky birds- a flock maybe? I don't even particularly like real birds- strange I know.

Susan said...

There has never been one particular subject that I find myself drawn to but I do love post-impressionistic work - the colors, the brushstrokes. Tends to make me think of southern France, bien sur. Photography is another art-form that I love - architectural details, singular objects, something that tells a story. Does that make sense?

A Perfect Gray said...


My Interior Life said...

Maybe I should get some nudes to round out my collection! I love photography as well. As long as you like it, it doesn't matter if it's popular or if it makes sense. That's what's so great about art!