Monday, March 15, 2010

Treasure Hunt

I did a little bit of antiquing this weekend at some out-of-the-way (meaning it took me half an hour to get there) stores. Nothing earth-shattering was found, but did find some gems. Also, did some local online scouting. See what you think . . .

An alabaster lamp for $82, which I believe is a pretty good price. I've been really wanting an alabaster lamp lately . . . don't ask me why.

Saw lots of vintage milkglass footed bowls and containers. Thought these would be great to fill up with flowers for spring!

This may be my favorite find of the day. Loved the color, and it's only $50! 

This is a tiny little hand-sewn pillow. I'm not a huge bird person, but the colors in this fabric are great. Although, the pillow itself was pretty lumpy.

Thought the graphic punch of this red paint-speckled bucket would be really cool in the right setting.

Now, onto some of my local online finds.
Here's a Craigslist find. I know the shade looks awful, but the base looks nice. Another alabaster lamp, this one for $60! Hmm. Might have to follow through on this one. Maybe talk them down to $50?

I love books . . . particularly pretty old books to put on my bookshelves (although, I desperately need some built-in shelves so I can have a library). There's an online auction company here in Nashville that's selling off the entire contents of a local home. And there are tons (this is just one lot out of about a dozen) of books. The inspection day for this auction is next Saturday. I know where I'll be!

More from the same home. The colors of these "Mexican Painted Wood Panels" are amazing. Don't know what I'd do with them, but they're so different and whimsical.

And a camelback sofa and settee. I adore this shape. 
 I have a crazy idea of putting a settee in my breakfast area almost like a banquette. I would recover it in bold graphic print . . . a la Ruthie Sommers.

So, what do you think? Any treasures in the bunch?

Sources: MIL, Nashville Craigslist, McLemore Auction Company, The Scoop


Matt said...

you probably should have bought that blue mirror.

My Interior Life said...

I may still buy it. Becky might if I don't.

Susan said...

I'm loving the Mexican painted panels! The sofa or settee would be great at the table, just please, please change the fabric stat. I say go for it!

Haven and Home said...

Love that blue mirror!

bluehydrangea said...

Yes, you should have bought the blue mirror!! Kathy, your blog is great!! I found out about it from your husband!! You should have told me! I am adding you to my blog list tonight!! Welcome to the blogging world!!

My Interior Life said...

Thanks, Sissy! I still might go back and get that blue mirror . . . it's calling my name. Don't know where I'll put it, but surely I can find a spot!

ashlina said...

i really love the white milk glass collection..amazing!

Julie said...

Thanks for your feedback on my chair! I'd love to go lighter, but with a black dog and a little one and being a bit of klutz myself I just couldn't go light right now.

I think it sounds like you're a lot like me and so if you know of an upholstery class you should do it. I would just recommend that you start with a easier chair so you don't get frustrated. Also, just know going into it that the supplies are expensive.

I had a similar day to your treasure hunt in Feb. No kidding, I found two mirrors that I'm painting and a milk glass vase and some books that look pretty (I'll never read).

Also, I think that your craig's list lamp looks smaller than the first one. I see these at estates sales all the time and I'm always temped--they're beautiful. (I'm chatty today :O)


Ashley said...

Amazing how beautiful stacks of old books can be, isn't it? Those are lovely! Did you get anything? (By the way--I still have theat first copy of Domino with that sofa--in the last pic here--on the cover!)

My Interior Life said...

Thanks, Julie! And Ashley, no, I didn't end up bidding on the books because most of the lots went higher than I was willing to pay, but they were beautiful (I went to the inspection). I think I still have that first Domino somewhere too. Still so sad it's gone.

Thanks for stopping by!