Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping = Bliss

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to do a little shopping/antiquing on my own in and around downtown Franklin. Sometimes it's such a treat to just wander through stores aimlessly looking for inspiration. 

At my first stop, the Winchester Antique Mall, this greeted me on the front porch:
I'm a sucker for a good Chippendale bench. According to the tag, this one was made locally and was $325.
Heading inside, I found these goodies . . .
I loved this antique wicker chair. It's very small in scale so would really only be appropriate in my daughter's room, but it was a little too pricey ($300-something) for me.

The gilded bamboo frames on these were great, and the mat was more of a muted coral or salmon color, not such a bright orange as it looks here. I would switch out the butterfly watercolor prints for charcoal or line drawings. For $29 each, they weren't a bad deal. Still may go back for these. Sorry, my iPhone doesn't have a flash so these aren't the best quality photos.

I can't pass up a good bentwood or Thonet-style chair. The blue on this one captured my attention as I'm looking for a desk and desk chair for my son's room. After sitting in this one, I passed because it was a little too rickety and I'm not sure it was fixable.

I'm not sure you can even see, but there is a little Greek key detail on this alabaster lamp. 

This vignette of purple bottles really caught my eye. Reminds me of my mother's birthstone, amethyst.

Such pretty turtle shells. These were $45 each.

Love the over-the-top nature of this Italian tole lamp. Quite a statment piece!

Another cool gold lamp.

And on my way back to my car, I spied these little concrete foo dogs. Perfect guard dogs and only $29 each.

Next stop, Scarlett Scales, a great little shop in downtown Franklin. Scarlett has a great eye and her shop is always chocked full of cool stuff.

And what should greet me at the front door? A pair of the mama foo dogs. These would definitely ward away any evil spirits from your home. $235 for the pair.

Some of the great displays in Scarlett's shop.

A unique art deco style alabaster lamp. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one of these.

Yet another display of purple bottles. Is this a new trend?

At the Arbor Antique Mall next door, they had a new vendor with some really cool stuff.
I loved this chalk head sculpture. This would look amazing as part of a tablescape. 

My last stop was the Downtown Franklin Antique Mall across the street. Just a couple of gems here . . .
How cute is this elephant garden seat? I could pull this up next to anything. Maybe it could keep my lonely chair company?

And for some reason I neglected to take a photo of the white painted bamboo mirror (behind the elephant), but it was a beauty too.
And, lastly, this brass-plated lamp. Very elegant. Could go anywhere. And it was on sale for $54.

Speaking of lamps, I hit TJ Maxx earlier in the day and found a neat lamp.
Loved the shape, the faux snakeskin and brass accents. It looks expensive to me, but only $35. Bargain.

And since I'm sharing treasures, I've been selling some things on Craigslist lately. So, of course, I do a little browsing while I'm there. 

Here's what I found . . . 
This solid wood dresser was only $35. Call me crazy, but I think it would look fabulous painted orange or blue or green or some bright lacquer color. And the hardware is killer. Unfortunately, I have no where to put this, plus it's sold already. Oh well.

Once again, I don't know where I would put this fan/throne chair, but I like it a lot. It's $20 but the guy said he would go lower. 

Does anyone need a dining table? Because I think this Parsons-style one is fabulous, and for only $75! I so wish I had a place for this.

Well, I think that wraps it up. Do you see any treasures in the bunch?


Kristin Russell said...

cool stuff! We used tons of those old bottles as flower vases at our wedding reception.

Julie Holloway said...

A TON of treasures. Do you know how much one of those fan chairs can go for? I wish I had a booth and I would say go buy it for me. I love the Thonet, too....just got a blue one for Wyatt's room.

Looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Girl, all I think of when I see that fan chair is Fantasy Island ;-) I still want to hear the rest of the story about the dining chairs. That was my first thought when you said the blue chair was too rickety.

The Zhush said...

I see so many treasures! You have a great eye, if these shops were any where even remotely close to me I would head there today!

Kim said...

Those Mama Foo dogs are killer. But I don't think I could live with the head sculpture in my house. It would freak me out. :)

paula said...

this reminds me I need to rewire my alabaster lamp :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

WoW thanks for the inspiration. You spied lots of great treasures. I am a fan of over the top gilded Italian lamps, and the Greek key detail on the alabaster lamp is great. Would you believe I snagged that same TJ Maxx lamp but it was in a orange snakeskin with a cocoa colored shade. It had been marked down to $22. *score*. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for commenting my mine so that we could meet.

Cheers ~ deb

Style Chronicle said...

I may need to trek down to Franklin for those turtle shells! Fab finds!!

Anonymous said...

love those bamboo frames! good finds

Anonymous said...

Wow- Great finds!

Eddie & Jaithan

kayce hughes said...

I want it all!