Thursday, April 28, 2011


If you've read my blog in the past few months, you know of my deep desire to find vintage upholstered X benches. Well, I didn't find X benches, but some vintage benches that spoke to me just the same.
Not the most spectacular upholstery but as they were just $7 each, I grabbed them. Now, the daunting task of finding a fabric. 

My husband prefers them tucked under the Parson's sofa table (which is patiently waiting for its makeover). And, no, my floors are not as orange as they look in this photo. Although, they are too orange for my taste. Believe me, refinishing is on the list. The never-ending list. 

I thought the benches looked very similar to some that Angie Hranowsky used in a bedroom . . . 
Oh, how I love this room.
Okay, back to my benches. 
Sorry for the horrible lighting. You should know this was during the flood yesterday.
Since this room is fairly brown neutral, color is needed in a big way (as I mentioned yesterday in my post about pillows). Most of the color I have now is in my rug and accessories.
My kids tend to follow me when I start snapping photos.

Here are some fabrics I'm loving right now (in no particular order) . . . 
Robert Allen's Tioga in Paprika
this crazy-expensive but great Highland Court fabric
and this color-saturated vintage Chinoiserie fabric from eBay.
I would love to do the Tioga on the benches and the Chinoiserie fabric on some pillows for the slipper chairs, but I don't think I can do Tioga if I get these beauties for Mother's Day . . .
That's just too much diamond/geometric pattern going on. So, if you have any thoughts, please do share. Any fabulous fabrics you've run across that might look great with the colors I've got going on (mainly a shrimpy/coral color, chartreuse and/or teal/turquoise)? Should I ditch the pillows in La Fiorentina and get the benches recovered in Tioga? Anyone? Help a sister out.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To My Dear Family,

Since Mother's Day is coming soon and you're often asking me what I'd like as a gift (besides your love, of course), I thought I would give you an idea. One word: pillows.
Specifically, these pillows from Etsy. A little La Fiorentina in coral would add some much needed punch to our family sofa. See, it would really benefit us all. I'm being the selfless mother once again.
The zebra pillows from West Elm are looking a little worse for wear these days.
And of course, once the sofa gets a facelift, I'd hate to ignore the slipper chairs. Never fear, I found a little pick-me-up for them (and me) as well . . .
This ikat chevron/flamestitch pillow would fit the bill nicely. I'm loving the corals and chartreuse yellowy-green. I think it would coordinate nicely with colors in our rug . . .
Excuse my unstyled coffee table.
Unfortunately, there's only one available and we have two chairs. Slight hiccup. Not to worry, I'll find an alternative. Plenty of time until Mother's Day. I'm off to shop now . . . 


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking for an Outlet?

While some people might look for creative outlets, I prefer the retail variety. I see the word "outlet," and I automatically think "discount." So imagine my excitement when a postcard arrived in my mail with this photo . . .
and the words, Grand Opening and outlet. The Amy Howard Outlet, to be exact. Are you familiar with Amy Howard
She makes very nice furniture and is from my hometown of Memphis. 

Her classic, beautiful pieces speak for themselves.
So pretty.
I'm not sure I'll be able to afford these beauties even at "outlet" prices, but I can at least look and drool if nothing else. 
Until now, these pieces have only been available through designers and design showrooms. 
Now, I can just drop by and check them out any Wednesday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Grand Opening is this Friday, April 22 at 10 a.m., 2203 Bandywood, Nashville. I know I'll be stopping by.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Knew?

Thank you all for your sage advice about this "fish table." I really do appreciate you weighing in. So, did I get it?
Well, sort of. I don't officially have it yet. Because of my son's birthday party on Saturday and family visiting, I couldn't make it back to the estate sale. However, the nice estate sale lady is giving me until Friday to pick it up. So, on Friday it will be mine, or some other lucky person's as it is going straight from its old home to its new home in the antique booth.

And by the way, I tried to find some examples of these tables on 1st Dibs by searching "fish table."I found nothing. But, my partner in crime Bri, of course, found some for me. She's a super sleuth/treasure hunter. It turns out these are dolphins not fish. Silly me.

Here are some examples from 1st Dibs . . .
This table is pretty darn similar to the one I found. Except there are two of these. They are selling for $5,800 for the pair!

Apparently, these dolphin tables are considered Italian "Grotto" furniture, consisting of fantasy pieces that showcase oceanic subjects. You learn something new everyday, I guess.

More examples . . . 
And I knew this type of table looked familiar, and then it hit me. One of my favorite rooms by Celerie Kemble has a pair of "dolphin" lamp tables that I have long coveted. Of course, they are a Chinese red-orange and not brass, but if you're so inclined you can always paint them (as Naomi from Design Manifest suggested).

So, if you're looking for some fantasy in your own life, stop by my booth and the Grotto dolphin table is yours. I'll give you a much better deal than 1st Dibs!

Sources: 1st Dibs, Kemble Interiors

Friday, April 15, 2011

Opinions, Please

Should I buy this table?
I hit an estate sale earlier today and saw this. A little out of my price range, so I passed. But on the way out, the estate sale lady said, "Put a bid on it - you never know." So, I did. And they accepted. Now, it's mine if I want it.  Now, I'm having second thoughts. Bidders remorse. I don't think my "bid" is legally binding, so I'm pretty sure I can change my mind.

I was actually thinking of selling it in the booth. Would any of you buy this if you saw it? I love it and think it's very unique, but I am running out of room in my house. It's kind of Chinoiserie/Hollywood Regency. I mean, come on, a brass fish console table - you'll be the only person in the neighborhood with one of these. The only problem? The booth is kind of crowded right now. This is how it looked on Monday . . .

So, have I flipped my lid or should I get the fish table? I need your help. I'm having an indecisive moment (I seem to have a lot of those). Any advice would be much appreciated.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


That's how old my baby boy turned today. Six?! How did we get here? Last year, I did a little birthday tribute to Pierce where you can see more adorable photos.
As the days go much too quickly, sometimes I just want to freeze time.
No matter how old he gets, he'll always be my baby.
Happy Birthday, my sweet Pierce! I love you so much!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Pleasing Palette

I've been looking for a little something to shake up my dining room for a while. With our open floorplan home, it's the first room you see as you enter and it's also visible from our family room/living room. The walls are a grayish-blue, and the chairs and rug are very neutral. Recently, I've also added rusty orange velvet curtains. However, I keep thinking it needs (or wants) something else. Well, the other day, I just happened to buy some lavender mums and stuck them in my fish vase, and voila . . . thunderbolt.
Mr. Fish eating lavender mums. Not the best photo of the walls and curtains.
That's it. Lavender with the blue and orange would be so lovely.

Then I went for some inspiration. First, Katie Ridder. I've always loved this room featured in Elle Decor.

And, of course, the Frank Babb Randolph-designed home in the April Veranda knocked my socks off. Wonder if I could steal that painting? The homeowner is the artist, he could make another one in no time.
Photo via Full House
Palmer Weiss has a similar color scheme going on but with a more vivid blue and less orange, but inspiring nonetheless.

Lulu de Kwiatkowski's kid's room has the same colors going on . . . pale blue and neutral with pops of orange and lavender in the art.
Then, for some reason, I kept finding things on eBay that had the same color palette.
Who doesn't love a little Oushak and in lavender, no less. Although, it looks kind of mauve here.
A Peter Max print. Very groovy.
Love vintage Vera scarves. She used such great colors and graphics.

Now, where was I hoping to inject this little bit of lavender (besides the mums), you ask? Well, there's always the option of lamps. A little 1st Dibs dreaming here . . .
1950's Murano Lamps
Or maybe these . . . they're a few thousand cheaper. No need to blow the budget, even if I'm dreaming.
More 1950's Murano Lamps
Another option would be on the seat cushions of my side chairs. They're the same neutral fabric as the host and hostess chairs, and I've often thought of changing them but could never decide on a fabric. 
I've thrown a million swatches on these chairs. This one has sat here for a while. 
Don't judge. I know everyone is "over" Chiang Mai Dragon, and that it was considered trendy for the longest time. Well, I still like it. I don't care if that makes me boring. And, it does look nice with the walls and the curtains, but alas it has no lavender. Does anyone know of a fabric that could pull it all together . . . a little blue, a little orange, a little lavender? This is a tall order, I know.

Oh, and I have some plans for the curtains too - they're a little plain Jane right now. I've been thinking a little Greek Key trim would dress them up nicely. Maybe in the pale blue?
Greek Key trim from M&J Trimming
So am I crazy for liking this color combination? It's okay, I may change my mind tomorrow . . .

Monday, April 11, 2011


On Saturday, I got the opportunity to shop at the Mile-Long Yard Sale in the booming metropolis of Watertown, Tennessee. I love yard sales. There's always the thrill of the hunt.
It was actually more like a 13-mile long sale because Watertown is 12 miles off the Interstate, and there were yard sales set up the entire way. There was a lot to see and a lot to eat including an inordinate amount of fried pies (which I have never tried). One kid was even hawking "organic" whoopie pies (I must admit I was intrigued, but not enough to buy one). But, the food vendor that really got my attention was this one:
Yes, this is the South and apparently we will deep fry anything even Oreos. Heaven help us. I did not try these either. I stuck with a hot dog and Coke.

Now, onto what you really want to see . . . the loot. I didn't take photos as I shopped because I was too hot and distracted. So, here are my finds displayed in my dining room . . . 
I bought the abstract painting from a guy who was mainly selling Nascar trading cards and knives. The painting was on the ground just propped against a table as an afterthought. I went right to it. It reminds me of a Franz Kline. By the way, if you're interested, all these goodies are going in the antique booth.
Franz Kline art in Elle Decor
The two black bird pieces of art are actually needlepoint on linen and very pretty. I've always seen the ceramic glove mold forms for sale so I thought they could go nicely in the booth. Who doesn't need an extra hand? Ha. The green pottery dish called to me because it resembles malachite, which I have been seriously lusting after lately.
Tony Duquette's malachite-adorned Dawnridge Estate via Knight Moves
After doing a little research on the marking on the back of the dish, it turns out it is Blue Mountain Pottery (BMP) from Canada and is popular among pottery collectors. I just thought it was pretty.

Oh, and the last thing I found was this black lacquer, brass and mirrored side table . . . 
Isn't she glamorous? Just have to dust her off and shine her up a bit.

Some other loot I found earlier in the week that will also make an appearance at the booth soon . . . 
this large abstract and this really pretty blue ceramic and brass lamp.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!