Thursday, January 31, 2013

Identity Crisis

Greetings from Sickville. This time it's not me, it's my son. But he's on the mend and fever-free today which means he's going back to school tomorrow . . . unless it snows. Anyway. You would think I would've found time to blog while sitting around for three days but instead I've been researching and looking at other blogs until I'm bleary-eyed. Why? Well, I do love blogs, but I've mainly been looking for guidance and people who design logos and/or websites/blogs. You see, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis much like this poor dog.

(Sorry, couldn't resist this photo as we have golden retrievers and this one looks like our first golden, Sadie. Totally unamused.)

In a nutshell, I'm having issues with Blogger and getting rather annoyed so am thinking of moving my blog to Wordpress which I probably should have done long ago. Also, I've been wanting to update the look of my blog, so this seems like the ideal time to get a new identity and platform. I've email-chatted with a couple of designers and think making this change would be fairly simple, but there are some issues, and I have some questions. 

Had to break up the boring talk with a gratuitous pretty photo. Has nothing to do with anything.

So, if you have any suggestions or input this is where I need your help. Moving my blog would require a new name of sorts, and there is the issue of my decorating/interior styling/whatever you want to call it business (if you did not read Sissy's hysterical post today about what to call her business, you must - I about spit my coffee out laughing) having a different name.

More gratuitous pretty. See the tassels?

Obviously, my blog name is different from my current business name - k interiors (which I'm not married to yet, by the way, so that's up for discussion as well), but my blog is much better known (I think). So, my thought is to go with My Interior Life going forward (or a slight variation thereof, depending on what domain name is available) and just use that blog as a type of professional website with a Portfolio, Contact, etc. Makes sense, right? But can I "point" a Blogger blog to a new Wordpress blog? Or do I just ask people to subscribe to my new blog and direct them there with a link on my old blog? Are you still awake? Do you care?
Sorry, if this is totally boring and you have no interest in this whatsoever. But, if any of you have been through the big blog switchover or know of anyone who has or are even thinking about it, I would love to hear your input. Also, if you've got a blog designer that you absolutely love (who doesn't cost a small fortune) who works on Wordpress blogs, please do share their name in the comments. I think I may have found a great one, but it never hurts to see what else is out there.

Thank you, and I promise to return to posting about interior design stuff soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Precious or Pier 1?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you walk into a thrift store or antique mall, see something and almost run to it? Then you remind yourself, "I'm in a public place, and I'm not a three-year-old. Must. Walk. Slowly." This happened to me last week when I spotted this . . .
What is it? A jar? An urn? I'm not sure. All I knew is that I had to have it. It appears to be covered in tessellated horn and possibly jade with brass inlay, oh my. The graphic pattern and rich colors are what drew me in initially. It is huge and extremely heavy. The checkout guy said, "It's probably from Pier 1." I thought most assuredly it is not! So, of course, I scurried home to do some research. I found not one single solitary piece that resembled my jar anywhere online. However, I did find some other tessellated pieces that look like they might be related . . . 

These pieces are all attributed to Maitland-Smith and/or Karl Springer from the 70's or 80's. I believe Karl Springer designed pieces for Maitland Smith, but sometimes pieces are just attributed to the company and sometimes to him and sometimes to both. Confused much?

Anyway, what do you think? Could my big jar/urn/vase thing be a distant cousin to these precious pieces or is it simply a piece of Pier 1 junk (it's not, I just know it)?
In the end, it doesn't really matter. I just love it (even with its chipped pieces on the lid and a slight dent on one side). If it is an urn, I think you'll know where you'll find me when I leave this earth.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out and About

Yes, I'm here. When I started feeling better last week and the weather started clearing up a bit, I was so elated I had to leave the house which meant less blogging. Sorry about that. And where should I go? Shopping, of course. I met up with my friend Arrione one day, so while in her neck of the woods, I hit up her Homegoods and an indoor flea market. Here's what I found.

A plethora of cool side tables . . . 

Some of which were a little pricey, but not horribly so. Any one of them would make a statement.

 A couple of cute mirrors . . .

And an artichoke lamp because I still think they're cute.
All I got at Homegoods that day were these cute little notebooks/journals . . . 
Don't they look very Kelly Wearstler-esque??

At the indoor flea market, I found some goodies as well. First, what didn't make it home with me . . . 
I loved these vintage, gold-tipped glasses and pitcher. Aren't the sherbert-y colors fab? But, I need more glasses like I need another hole in my head. So there they stayed. Sad face.

And this lovely brass etagere is such a stunner . . .
Of course, it was NFS (Not for Sale) as it was a display. I hate when that happens. What burned even more is that it still had the Habitat for Humanity markdown sticker on it. Some lucky antique dealer got this for anywhere between $11 and $22. My friend ModFruGal has this very shelf in her house (featured here on Small Shop Studio), and it looks amazing. 

What did I pick up? A little ceramic box painted to look like malachite because, duh, I'm kind of obsessed with malachite.

And a couple of pieces that have roping/tassels because I'm a little obsessed with those too. So, I'm obsessed, so what?
Please excuse my "angry-looking" face in the mirror. This is my intense concentration face. It explains why I need Botox.
Both need some love and new paint, obviously. My daughter said the little garden seat/stool looked like it belonged in a circus and a friend called it "hideous" but I think with some work it could look like this Italian Tassel Stool featured on One Kings Lane . . .

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I hope to show you some projects I'm finishing up, but life keeps getting in the way or rugs go on backorder till June. So infuriating. Until then, I'll leave you with a little pic I snapped of my daughter's cute outfit this morning. I just couldn't resist . . . 
Sorry, it's blurry. Dashing out the door for the bus doesn't allow much time for focusing. I just loved the little striped jacket she threw over her Teach for America t-shirt and teal skinnies with matching sneakers. She's becoming her own little person who picks out her own outfits - kind of bittersweet, really. So stylin, my little Meg.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fashion Forward

In the depths of dreary winter weather, I often dream of spring clothes and even start buying them. I guess I'm an optimist at heart and can't help but look forward to brighter days and warmer weather (it's either that or slit my wrists from the gloom). Luckily, the bright colors and stripes of last year are still around and on trend. Yesterday, my burgeoning fashionista daughter and I hit the mall for a little retail therapy. First up, Forever 21. Look, I know what you're thinking . . .
Yes, I'm 39, but I can still wear some Forever 21 clothes (albeit a size up from what I usually wear because their clothes are cut so small or so poorly made or both). But for trendy, colorful pieces, I find their selection pretty spot on usually. And they have a girls section, so my daughter can grab some trendy too. Here's what we found yesterday . . . 
Essential 3/4 Sleeve Striped Tee
A little striped boatneck tee because you can never have too many of these, and some of mine are looking rather ragged after years of wear. 

3/4 Sleeve Lace Top
A little pop of yellow lace to brighten any outfit.

And somewhat inspired by this photo of Miranda Brooks in the latest Vogue . . .

I picked up this eyelet embroidered top to wear with jeans . . . 
Eyelet Embroidered Top
I also got another blue on blue striped blouse, but I can't seem to find it online and don't feel like trying it on to snap a photo. But trust me, it will look great with white jeans whenever white jean weather finally arrives!

My daughter couldn't pass up the stripes either with this great little tunic . . . 
Rugby Stripe Tunic
She also got some minty leggings to go underneath, but of course, those aren't online either. 

And speaking of minty tones, we also hit up Old Navy for some budget finds including two sparkly tanks in stripes (duh) and solid (because a girl can't wear stripes every day . . . or can she?):
Women's Sequin-Front Jersey Tank

Although the sun's not shining here today, these pieces have put me in a better mood. Plus, my cold seems to be improving day by day, so I'm very thankful for that and for all your kind wishes for my speedy recovery . . . they seem to have worked. Happy Monday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Dump

Happy Friday, all. Thought I would take this opportunity to dump some photos from my phone. I'm still feeling crappy from this stupid cold (and no, I don't have the flu, thank God), so I don't feel like doing anything that requires much thought. Thus, photos of stuff I've found around town lately or am loving.

First, a little update. Remember this pair of loveseats I found at the Habitat for Humanity store a while back?
I was so enamored with them, I did a little design board for a fictional client. Anyhoo, the very real Kayce Hughes saw the post and decided she needed them in her new Nashville shop . . . 
Isn't that cool?? I was in there back before Christmas doing a little shopping and snapped this quick pic with my phone. I was reminded of it today because Style Blueprint did a post about her new shop, including a little Q&A with her. I run into Kayce occasionally at estate sales and the flea market and she is always super sweet. I love the vintage, preppy chic vibe she has going on with her clothing line and new shop. Kudos, Kayce!

Next up, some finds around town . . .
This vintage set of cups and saucers were so cool and very on trend with the geometric shapes and black, white and gold detailing. In the wrong setting, they could easily go all Alice in Wonderland, but in the right setting, they would be oh so chic.

The same consignment shop had this great black lacquered bamboo table. Who doesn't need one of these??

And elsewhere . . .
I found these Nefertiti bookends for a client a while back and we almost pulled the trigger on them, but went a different direction with another set I found at an estate sale. I still love these though. I'm so into Egyptian stuff right now for some reason. I have about five sets of bookends, but can always use more, right?

In the same mall was this huge, vintage B-movie poster. Okay, so this could be kind of kitschy but how fun and colorful? I see it on a dark wall in an office or study. So dramatic. 

And speaking of colorful, I kept running across primary colored goodies . . . 
This cobalt blue table has a great shape and would make a statement for sure. Although, I think you would have to do something with the top as it appears to be covered with wrapping paper. A piece of protective glass or different covering might be in order, but it's a good start.

A piece of Asian rooster art. I've seen a lot of Asian art and a lot of French Provincial rooster stuff (heaven help me), but not a lot of Asian rooster art. I thought it was different.

My phone didn't capture the color of this chair very well, but it's a really pretty poppy red velvet (in very good condition, I might add). And it's a great smaller scale wingback that would work in a variety of rooms. Stick a vibrant, ikat pillow on it and call it a day. 

And some other random stuff on my phone . . .
As I sit in my sick bed and write this, I'm loving my new Judith Bright RockStar Nest ring (a little something I found in my stocking this year - thanks, Santa!). It makes me feel glamorous even when I'm ill (please don't mind my dry, red hands). Judith Bright has her flagship store in Nashville, but you can order online.

And lastly, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have already seen this but I have to share it again as it's so cute and makes me laugh . . . 
My little Yosemite Sam modeled his prodigious stache for me during our sick day together yesterday. He "bought" this accessory at one of those arcade places where you earn tickets by playing games then cash them in for prizes. This sucker was something like 600+ tickets, and he zeroed in on it as the item of his dreams when we first walked in. I told him not to get this hopes up (as we usually only earn about 100 tickets at best), but he hit the jackpot on one game winning over 1,000 tickets . . . he was so excited you would've thought he'd won the lottery. The giant red moustache was all his, and he was thrilled!

A wonderful weekend to you all and may giant moustaches come your way (or whatever makes you happy)!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Remember way back in December when I was trying to pick a fabric for my little gilt rope bench?
I asked for opinions, and I got them. Even though La Fiorentina won the popular vote, Les Touches won the electoral vote. Okay, just kidding. Seriously, it was close though. In addition to comments, I received several emails from both friends and readers I never knew I had. I was still conflicted so I decided to buy both remnants, get them in the room and then make a decision. Well, the Etsy seller with the Les Touches was less than responsive when I asked questions about the fabric, so I went with the more helpful Arianna Belle who sold me a remnant of La Fiorentina at a very reasonable price in an expeditious manner. Sometimes customer service wins! So, here is my newly upholstered stool in La Fiorentina . . .
I'm loving it. The rest of the room still needs additional tweaking before revealing more, so stay tuned. Sorry for the pitiful iPhone photo. I snapped this a few days ago. Our weather here is beyond depressing and rainy so no good photos for a while, I'm afraid. Gray days and a nasty cold are making for a dreary January thus far, but I've hunkered down with some of these . . .
and they're helping me feel a little better. Okay, so they're not the healthiest cold remedy, but they make me happy and that's more than soup and tea have done. Any port in the storm.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year & Blogiversary

Since I started blogging three years ago today, I thought I would start off this new year commemorating that momentous decision.
If you look back to my inaugural post, it's extremely boring and not even about design. Kind of embarrassing really, but you gotta start somewhere I guess. I didn't even mention that it was my first post - just decided to start blogging and went with it. I tend to do that. Think about something forever, then finally do it. I'm so glad I did. I've met so many friends and have had such great experiences because of blogging. I plan to keep going, and hopefully you'll follow along and (fingers crossed) see some changes around here in the weeks to come.

So before moving forward, I thought I'd share some snippets from our holiday over the past couple of weeks. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with time spent with family and friends. What could be better?
Making cookies for Santa with Uncle Forrest. A Christmas tradition.
Putting out reindeer food. Pierce thinks he hears something in the sky above.

After all the preparation, it was all plowed through in a matter of minutes. 
Santa was good to mommy too!  
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I look forward to sharing more with you in this new year!