Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mix Master

Today I'm blogging over at Interior Canvas discussing the often perplexing topic of mixing patterns successfully. While there are no hard and fast rules, so to speak, there are some guidelines that I feel are helpful when approaching multiple patterns in a space.
So please head over to Interior Canvas and check out my tips for becoming a mix master. I've been so busy blogging for others that I've kind of neglected this here blog. Sorry about that. 

Speaking of "mixing," I love adding in unexpected elements in my own home. In my case, this means a lot of vintage pieces that add those all important layers in a space. Some recent finds that will make an appearance in my house soon (somewhere . . . finding the perfect spot is part of the fun) . . . 
A couple of brass lotus candle holders that I would like to convert into pendant lights, like so  (although mine are a lot smaller) . . . 

And another recent vintage find that I love, however quirky it may be, is a camel saddle . . . 
I've often spied these on eBay or Etsy but have never found one in good enough shape (with all the brass embellishments in place) to buy until now. The leather on this one is very scuffed and rough, but I love the character it provides. I think these are great as little footstools or benches or just to set some books on, like so . . . 

I've got more family coming in town tomorrow but hope to hit an estate sale or two before it gets too busy. If I don't make it back before the weekend, have a great one!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Guest Pimpin

Today you can find me over at The Green Room Interiors sharing my mood board visions as part of Kim's "Pimp My Dollhouse" series. If you're not familiar, Kim has amazing style and a great little house (that she refers to as her dollhouse) that she's been slowly but surely outfitting in glorious fashion. However, her living room and dining room are the last to feel the love so she's asked some blogger/decorator friends to provide some inspiration. Here are the pieces she requested we work into her designs . . .

She said not to worry about a budget (what a dream) as she's a superior shopper and can definitely find the look for less. I had such fun working on these spaces, so please go check it out here

And if you'd like some mood boards for your own spaces (or other decorating services), please shoot me an email

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to It

School has begun in our area, so now that the kids will be out of my hair the house I hope to blog and work more. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these photos, but if not, here they are - the obligatory first day shots.
Meg is now in middle school. What the !@#$@$??? I say daily prayers that we make it through unscathed. I say "we" because I believe it may be more trying for me than her - she's always been the resilient one. I try not to weep in front of her as she hates it. 

And Pierce is now in second grade. I can't even talk about it. He wouldn't let me hold his hand as we walked into school. We're entering a new era, and I don't like it. One. Bit. So, two different schools, two different schedules. We're up an hour earlier and she gets home an hour earlier. It will take a while to get this routine down. Wish me luck. 

In other news, if you been missing me on the blog you really should follow me on Instagram. I've finally really gotten the hang of it, and am embarrassed to say I am probably on it too much. But, it's such a fun way to get inspiration and see snippets of what others are doing. Much quicker than a blog post. Once again, I'm not an early adopter of certain technologies/programs/apps but once I do catch on, watch out. Can you say obsessive? In case you missed them, here are some shots I've recently shared . . . 
I scored a pair of these Chiavari brass chairs at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I've been coveting these for years. Not sure if I'll keep both or just one and sell the other. Decisions, decisions. Plus, the seats need to be reupholstered. Of course, these are not the most comfortable chairs but since when does that matter? But, they look so pretty pulled up at a little desk or for extra seating somewhere. Behold . . .
And, my office is finally coming together after the lucite ribbon chandelier was installed (a while back, just now getting around to sharing - oops) and IKEA shelves have been painted and assembled. Now, for the styling. 

 Here's to getting back to "it" . . . whatever "it" may be for you!