Sunday, August 21, 2011

One of Those Weeks

I try not to complain, but I'm glad the past week is over. It was one of "those" weeks. I was ill most of the week (nothing major, honestly), but the most upsetting thing is that we had to re-home or adopt out one of our beloved dogs. It's a very long story that I won't go into, but suffice it to say that she needed to go live somewhere else so she could live a happy and well-adjusted life. It was a horribly sad and depressing decision to make, but we know we did the best thing for Coco. Thanks to the Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club for placing her so quickly. We'll always love you, Coco.
Coco is on the right. Piper is our golden retriever. This is an older photo. Piper is much bigger now.

Also, this big guy finally started Kindergarten on Thursday.  Bittersweet for sure.
His assessment of school so far (he's only been been two half days)? "It's fun, but kind of boring. The teacher just wanted us to be quiet all the time." Sounds about right.

On Friday, I was able to hit a couple of estate sales before picking him up at noon. It raised my spirits a bit. Here's what I found . . . 
This hand-carved decorative wooden wall-hanging with gold-leafed peacocks. It's pretty heavy and very unique, I thought.

This awesome (and massive) hand-glazed ceramic black marbleized lamp. It needs a new shade for updating purposes, but it's in great shape. It was made by the Frederick Cooper Co., which I honestly didn't know much about. They're still around apparently and have been making quality lamps for decades. I'm assuming this one is from the 70's. If you look on 1st Dibs or eBay they are worth quite a bit. 

And lastly, some small accessories that I thought were charming . . . 
A mid-century C. Jere-style brutalist flower sculpture. It's either brass or copper (or some metal that doesn't attract a magnet).
And this small metal, mushroom sculpture. I just thought it was cute.
All these items (and more) will either go in my online shop or the tag sale that a couple of other bloggers and I are having on October 1 . . . more details to come soon, I promise.

Here's to a happy week for everyone!


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I am so sorry about your dog situation, but it sounds like you did the best thing and everyone will be happier for it-- that is what matters! But I know it is hard- I hope next week is a much better week for you! Take care, Caroline

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Sorry about coco gurl. We had the same happened with a mini pin we had few a years ago. It is the best for them sometimes.

So now you have free time! Well at least for half a day. Let me know if you are hitting the flea!

Hope you feel better.

nkp said...

Aw, I'm sorry it was a lousy week. I hope the next is much better. How come the little big guy only goes till noon? Mine is gone all day and I am still wandering around my empty house in a fugue.

The lamp, by the way, is so beautiful. What a find! You always happen upon the most wonderful things. Move to Atlanta and we'll set up shop! ;0)

Emily said...

:( Sorry to hear about your sweet pups. Thank goodness your week is over and that you found some great vintage goodies! Here's to a much better week this week!

bluehydrangea said...

So sorry about Coco!! You did have a tough week!! On the upside that kindergarten picture is adorable and your estate sale finds are fabulous!!

SHERRY HART said... away a dog would kill me. I sorry.
You found some good loot, and how cute is that little guy :)

ModFruGal said...

So sorry about the pooch...the right thing is always the hardest thing.

On a brighter note...Oct 1 here we come!

EBro said...

So sorry friend!! Pierce looks super handsome, although he is missing those famous curls I love so much ;-) Hope you have a better week on the horizon.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Kathy, so sorry about your pooch. I know it's hard for you but if he's in a better situation for him than he will settle in and adapt. On a lighter note, I think that marble lamp is quite the find! Maybe you should keep it?

Fran said...

Sorry to hear about your dog - we had to do something similar when I was growing up and it's not easy. Hope this week will be better for you! :) That lamp you found is gorgeous! Happy Monday! :)

Melissa Crochet said...

I have been through a situation where a dog just doesn't work out and it is so tough. On a lighter note, I love that wall hanging! Great finds. Can't wait to hear more about this tag sale.

My Interior Life said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. Coco is apparently doing really well in her new home which makes this a lot easier. Thanks again!

Melissa Crochet said...

If you don't have any plans this weekend, you should meet me at the flea should be good weather. Let me know

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

so much to cover here.

First off your son is such a cutie. Really sorry to hear about your doggie. But I thought I'd tell you that I got Bailey from another family who had to re-home him. So being on the other end of the situation I can say the he and I are really happy and I hope Coco will be too.

Also- LOVE your little sculptures. So fab!

Ashley said...

a) Sorry you were under the weather and VERY sorry to hear about your pup. I'm sure that she is adored in her new home already.

b) Your son is adorable and so astute. School IS kinda boring.

c) Awesome estate sale finds. I can't figure out which piece I love the most (like that matters).

d) Blogger sale? I'm thrilled.

Kim said...

Oh! I'm soooo sorry about your dog. She is such a beautiful girl. I'm sure she'll find a new home soon.

And, I'm LOVING your son's comment about K. He would get along GREAT w/my little ballerina!