Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just My Speed

I was so thrilled when the September issue of Elle Decor landed in my mailbox this weekend. I devoured it of course, but I was surprised by my reaction to some of the features. My favorite, by far, was the last house in the issue designed by Jessie Carrier and his wife Mara Miller. I love this house.

My immediate attraction came as a surprise because the home featured is a mid-century glass house, and I usually don't respond to design that leans to the modern side. But I loved everything about this house because the designers integrated what the family already had and made it work. No austere, cold modernity here. This is a warm, layered look that is so livable. Throw in a Chippendale-style breakfront, some Chinese panels, an IKEA bookshelf, some cool art and photography, comfortable furniture, and you've got the recipe for a unique and welcoming home.
These photos are actually from Carrier and Company's website not Elle Decor, but it is the same house featured. I know it's not always considered kosher to share photos from an issue that's currently on newsstands, but since these shots are just similar and they're on the designer's site, I figured it was okay. 
Also, I spied some slight differences in the magazine photos when compared to their site - mainly styling, but also some different fabrics and furniture pieces throughout the home.  This feature made the whole magazine worthwhile for me. 

I think what also drew me to the Carrier-designed home is that it seemed attainable -  like a normal house where a regular family could actually live and be comfortable. Ah, what a difference from the rest of the homes featured. The Miami mega-mansion of film director Michael Bay just seemed grotesque. Why does anyone, especially a single guy, need a 17,000 square foot home? It looked like a hotel - cold and uninspired. 

And I was so excited when I noticed a Jeffery Bilhuber-designed home was included, but I must say, I was underwhelmed. It seemed kind of bland compared to his usual designs, and dare I say, granny-ish. Which made me sad because I usually love his work. The ED article even felt the need to explain this by saying the muted tones were "emblematic of the current mood in interior design." According to Bilhuber, "clients are asking for a return to neutral. It's calming and feels appropriate now." Hmm. Really?

I won't critique the whole issue, and I really didn't mean to go on a rant. . . . you can decide for yourself. Let's just look at more photos from one of my new favorites . . . Carrier and Company.
This is from the offices of Jason Wu. Ring a bell? He's the famous fashion designer most well-known these days for having designed for the First Lady.

I think the home above was featured in a magazine at some point because that green chest on the right looks awfully familiar.

These shots are from the Editor's Office at Vogue. I think it must be Men's Vogue whose former editor inhabits the Elle Decor home because some of the items (lamps, tables, chair, sofa) appear in the article.

I think what I like most about Carrier and Company is that they can adapt different styles. So, what do you think of my latest crush? Is it true love or just a passing fancy?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

It's gotta be the real thing! I love the green accents in the ending photos,especially those yummy green lamps against the gray walls!


Great pictures of the "undecorated" look.....which is very hard to achieve I think. They have it down.

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