Friday, November 19, 2010


I've done a little browsing here and there this week between other obligations. Here's what I found:

First, a set of four klismos-style chairs I spotted at the Habitat for Humanity store today for $50 each . . .
I loved the shape and thought they would be great around a round table. The problem? Three were side chairs and one had arms. Very strange. Anyway, while perusing blogs today, I ran across this photo from the Elle Decor Showhouse in San Francisco on Katiedid. Check out the dining room by Palmer Weiss (a designer I love): 
Don't these chairs look similar? You could lime the wood and possibly even add fabric to the wood backs for  a similar effect. What do you think?

My big find at the Habitat store was a $3 black cylinder shade for my $4.99 lamp. That's right, my entire lamp came in for a grand total of $8 and some change. Woo hoo!
I'm kind of digging the retro vibe of the lamp. Sorry, I took this at night, so the lighting is not good.

Earlier in the week, I spotted a pair of ceramic foo dogs at an antique mall for $30 for the pair. Thought that was a great deal. Some people don't like the foo, but I still do.
And this French mirror looked extremely familiar, and while I don't remember the exact price, I think it was pretty reasonable. These last two items were at the Winchester Antique Mall in Franklin.
And although this version is much smaller, I knew I had spotted this look recently both here and here.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend. I'll be hosting our supper club tomorrow night and I'll try and remember to snap some pics of the finished table before dinner.

Sources: Katiedid


Susan said...

Ooh! Love how the lamp turned out! And the foo dogs would make a lovely Christmas gift :)

Raina Cox said...

Hello and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


If the Lamp Shade Fits

Kim said...

The lamp looks great. Can't beat $8, can you? I LOVE the Habitat for Humanity store. I can always find something I can't live without. Those chairs are great. Can you make them work? :)

Unknown said...

Love those chairs and the inspiration image as well!


THOSE must get love! Great job on the lamp chartreuse!

katiedid said...

WOW! You are a power shopper! LOVE the lamp and shade, and the chairs are great! I don't even think I would mind that one had arms. Thanks for the link! And I am returning the favor. ;)

jandjhome said...

Love your finds. I can't believe you found the black shade. I had to buy mine at Target. I love your blog.

paula said...

I want it all! the chairs are quite the find.

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