Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show Time

Sorry for my recent absence. I traveled to my hometown of Memphis over the weekend for my 20-year high school reunion. I never know what to think about reunions, but I really enjoyed seeing the girls I went to school with two decades ago (I went to an all-girls Catholic high school). I could still recognize everyone which means we couldn't have changed that much - a reassuring thought! Anyway, I'm now getting ready for my older child to start school tomorrow and my younger one to start kindergarten next week (they do a staggered start for the kindergarteners), so I've been a little preoccupied. However, I have some interiors to share with you from The 2011 Memphis Home Showcase a couple of weeks ago. My sister was kind enough to go and take photos for me.

The first house apparently didn't have a lot of redeeming qualities, so Susan only took a couple of photos.  Here they are . . .
That's my mom walking in the back of the room. Not a lot to love in this room, pretty ordinary, but I focused in on the French doors. These are like the ones I want.
This bedroom seems a little under-decorated, but sometimes simplicity is a good thing. I really liked the small loveseat/settee at the end of the bed. 

The second house had an entire floor decorated by Amy Howard so it was more appealing overall. Although, as is the case with many showhouses in my opinion, it looks like they just threw some furniture in the room. This is especially true when one particular furniture store/manufacturer designs a space. There's usually much more variety when individual designers can draw from multiple sources. But, there's still some nice eye candy.
I, of course, was drawn to the art and asked my sister if she knew who the artist was. "It's Anton Weiss. Isn't that who painted the piece in your dining room?" she asked. Why, yes, it is. No wonder I like it.
This room lacks personality and looks like the undersized coffee table was an afterthought, but individually I like the pieces.
Looks like an Amy Howard showroom. Hard to see but the mirrored console is pretty.

I've seen this art before; can't remember the artist. Interesting sculpture on acrylic/lucite base.

Nothing new here . . .

or here.

I'm liking this coffee table.

Nice chairs.

A little too perfect.

Now, this, I like. At least they went out on a limb with the lighting.
Close-up of the floor lamp.

Pretty bed and bedding. Keeping this in my file for an upcoming post on bedding options.
Like the table, but not the styling.
This vignette has some personality.
Overall, some pretty pieces but nothing out of the ordinary. Well, we're off to the pool on my daughter's last day of "freedom." Hope you're enjoying what's left of your summer.


The enchanted home said...

Wow some beautiful rooms, agreed with just about all your comments too. Love Amy Howard she has great style. Thanks for sharing and how fun it must have been to attend your 20th year reunion!

nelya said...

How funny, all of my thoughts mirrored your comments exactly. What could it mean??? And it looks like we are the same age, as well. My 20 year reunion is this weekend. Then there is the fact that two of our kiddos are the same ages/grades. Kathy, are you sure Kathy is not Nelya spelled backwards? ;0)

Enjoy your pool time!

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

I too agree with every last thing that you said! The coffee table and the lamps were certainly best of.

I'm from Little Rock and was in Memphis last week- only place hotter than where I live, yowzas!

Fran said...

Like the tour and I definitely agree w/your comments. Those lamps in that bedroom were definitely too cool!! Thanks for your comments these past couple of days!

ModFruGal said...

I think (not positive) the painting in question is by Michael Crespo? Underwhelming show house indeed. Saw a lot of Worlds Away pieces though. Welcome back!

Santi said...

love thissss :DD
great great photos :))


Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

I love that coffee table! I know how you feel about being preoccupied lately, school starts for us on Monday. My youngest will be off to kindergarten as well!
Good luck to you!

Kim said...

I like that little chest used as an end table in the 2nd picture. I also like the artwork done by Anton Weiss.

Can't believe you're back to school already. We still have 3 weeks. Hope it's an easy transition.