Thursday, January 31, 2013

Identity Crisis

Greetings from Sickville. This time it's not me, it's my son. But he's on the mend and fever-free today which means he's going back to school tomorrow . . . unless it snows. Anyway. You would think I would've found time to blog while sitting around for three days but instead I've been researching and looking at other blogs until I'm bleary-eyed. Why? Well, I do love blogs, but I've mainly been looking for guidance and people who design logos and/or websites/blogs. You see, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis much like this poor dog.

(Sorry, couldn't resist this photo as we have golden retrievers and this one looks like our first golden, Sadie. Totally unamused.)

In a nutshell, I'm having issues with Blogger and getting rather annoyed so am thinking of moving my blog to Wordpress which I probably should have done long ago. Also, I've been wanting to update the look of my blog, so this seems like the ideal time to get a new identity and platform. I've email-chatted with a couple of designers and think making this change would be fairly simple, but there are some issues, and I have some questions. 

Had to break up the boring talk with a gratuitous pretty photo. Has nothing to do with anything.

So, if you have any suggestions or input this is where I need your help. Moving my blog would require a new name of sorts, and there is the issue of my decorating/interior styling/whatever you want to call it business (if you did not read Sissy's hysterical post today about what to call her business, you must - I about spit my coffee out laughing) having a different name.

More gratuitous pretty. See the tassels?

Obviously, my blog name is different from my current business name - k interiors (which I'm not married to yet, by the way, so that's up for discussion as well), but my blog is much better known (I think). So, my thought is to go with My Interior Life going forward (or a slight variation thereof, depending on what domain name is available) and just use that blog as a type of professional website with a Portfolio, Contact, etc. Makes sense, right? But can I "point" a Blogger blog to a new Wordpress blog? Or do I just ask people to subscribe to my new blog and direct them there with a link on my old blog? Are you still awake? Do you care?
Sorry, if this is totally boring and you have no interest in this whatsoever. But, if any of you have been through the big blog switchover or know of anyone who has or are even thinking about it, I would love to hear your input. Also, if you've got a blog designer that you absolutely love (who doesn't cost a small fortune) who works on Wordpress blogs, please do share their name in the comments. I think I may have found a great one, but it never hurts to see what else is out there.

Thank you, and I promise to return to posting about interior design stuff soon!


A Perfect Gray said...

yes, loved sissy's post today!

was just thinking earlier today how much I LOVE your blog name, so here is one vote to keep it.

I will be interested in how the switch goes for you, so keep us posted. I have heard WP is so much more betta than blogger but have no experience there! good luck! donna

Unknown said...

Keep MIL, its a great name and you have already created a brand/following through this blog...
I too have wondered about wordpress , but get too tired whenever I think about it, so keep me posted and do a pro/con post for us so we can get our smarts on.
Man I am no help here.

Raina Cox said...

I'm worthless for the techie questions, but I would like to propose "Interior Life" for your business name. Has a nice synergy with la blog.

Gratuitous hugs,


bluehydrangea said...

Thanks for the mention! And I like My Interior Life, I just associate it with you. And the thought of switching makes me tired too so I am no help there. Are there big advantages to Wordpress?

Heather Peterson said...

MY eyes just crossed reading this. I need to do it, too, and I am avoiding it like the plague! I tried to start in wordpress from the beginning, but I just found it so un-intuitive (and I was used to blogger from my mommy blog). So if you figure it out...please share!

Oh, and I have not had a problem with "Love Your Space" versus "Heather Peterson Design," except in the very beginning I would get tripped up when someone asked me. I just use love your space as sort of a tag line for the business now, works just great. I can see that working for "K Interiors" and "My Interior Life," too.

mb said...

Good luck figuring out this blogging mess.
I seem to remember that MFMB did a change not too long ago... and From the left Bank? A change too. This observation is coming from a non-blogger so it might not be correct.
I love the name "My Interior Life". Don't give that up, it is fabulous.

Fran said...

Keep your blog name - I agree - it is a good one. I'm interested too in how the transition goes for you. Sorry, I don't have any experience, but if I decide to continue blogging longer term, maybe I should consider it too. BTW, never knew you did designing/fluffing/whatever you want to call it on the side....that is great!

Melissa Crochet said...

I have no answers other than I want that last bedroom to be my master!

Kim @ Home Love and Wanderlust said...

I considered moving to WordPress as well. For now I decided I'm going to stick with Blogger and focus on actually growing my blog traffic, but I did find some resources for redirecting Blogger posts to Wordpress.

This plugin seemed like the easiest option:

A lot of the other things I found were way above my technical- knowledge level.

My Interior Life said...

Thanks everyone for your input! I don't I explained myself very well, but I'm definitely planning on keeping My Interior Life as my name. I think I was most confused about how to tie my business name in. But it will all work itself out. Thanks again!!

alison giese Interiors said...

I think you should be able to direct Blogger to go to a new Wordpress site. I tried switching, but like a previous commenter said, I was just too used to Blogger (old dog, I guess).
You've clarified that you'll keep the blog name the same, and I applaud you for that. I lost 1/2 my readership when I went from My Little Happy Place to alison giese Interiors, and haven't gained it back. Guess that might have something to do w/ the fact that I blog less, too ;)
Good luck with it all!


I'm way too old to start anything else that I have to learn. Crikey....I just got a new "smart TV' and it is way smarter than it might be a while until I can figure out how to use it!