Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville

Hello . . . anyone there? Yes, it's me, Kathy . . . and I'm blogging. What, you forgot I had a blog? Yeah, me too. But if there's one thing that will inspire me to dust off the old blog dashboard and hammer out a post, it's the Antique and Garden Show of Nashville.

Have you been before? If not, you must vow to go this year. It is scheduled for next Friday through Sunday, Feb. 3-5 at the Music City Center in downtown Nashville. Hundreds of vendors representing the best in antiques, interiors, art and garden design set up to showcase their wares and talents. Fabulous does not begin to describe the spectacle. And while I absolutely love walking and gawking at the beauty, my favorite parts of the show are the designers they feature during keynote speeches and design panels. You might remember how I about lost it the year Miles Redd came to town? Well, the major star power this year is almost unparalleled. Do you know who the Keynote Speaker is?? Are you ready for this?

And the Design Panel Lecture this year . . . I die. Some of my favorites . . .
 Married design super stars, Jessie Carrier and Mara Miller. I have loved them for years. You might recall the post where I drooled all over their designs back in 2010. And if you don't have their book yet, you must get it. I might bring it with me to get it signed.
 And, oh Queen Mary . . . does she even need an introduction? I adore Mary McDonald as you may recall when I met her at High Point Market several years ago. She complimented my jewelry so I'm pretty sure she'll remember me next week when I attend the Design Panel. I'll probably wear the bracelet for good luck.
And Nathan Turner, Mary's cohort in design crime from Million Dollar Decorators. He has such a great sense of style, and don't you want him to be your best friend too? Here's to hoping he calls Mary "Mims" during the panel discussion. 
 Famed design author and former editor of Domino and managing editor of Lonny, Robert Leleux will be moderating the panel and asking all the insightful questions.

It is called the Dream Team, and for good reason. The Design Panel lecture will be held on Saturday, February 4 at 11 a.m.

You should definitely come to the show . . . you will be inspired. I hope to see you there! 


A Perfect Gray said...

Kathy, I really look forward to the show next year. Heck, to seeing all of Nashville, as a matter of fact. Count on me to look you up!

I can't believe your last post (before this one) was in 2014. I remember the days when we were blogging hot and heavy. Did our interests wane? Or did IG kill blogs? I always enjoyed yours.

See ya before you know it....


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