Friday, July 29, 2011

Shopping Therapy

While my kids were at camp and in between my other duties over the last week or so, I got to dart in and out of a few shops. Thought I would share some of the cool stuff I found. A lot of these things are NOT bargains - these weren't necessarily thrifting excursions - and I didn't really buy, just looked. Here's some of what I found . . . please excuse the quality, I just snapped these with my iPhone.
I really liked the dusty orange color of these velvet chairs and thought their shape was very unique and Art Deco. Or maybe they're just stuck in the 80's. I'm not sure, but they caught my eye nonetheless.

Please excuse my toes infringing on the this photo.
In the same consignment store (Consign 2 Design), I saw this stunning Chinese Art Deco rug. I loved the vivid colors in this one. Definitely would make a statement. It was large, 9x12 I think, and $2,500.

Next up, the Shoppes of Belle Meade, a local antique mall with very high end pieces . . .
My jaw dropped when I saw this acrylic Greek Key console table. How wonderful is this?
At this price, I don't think I'll be acquiring this lovely piece. But, a girl can dream.
A very pretty screen with some great, saturated tones.
Not your ordinary ballerina art. This one was striking and moody. Loved the colors. Sorry the photo doesn't do it justice. And it was very large.

Then, next door is a consignment store called The Stockroom that had some interesting pieces.
I thought these brass bookends were very Kelly Wearstler. Wish they were more in my price range. They would add glamor to any room.

Loved these chairs. They seemed primitive and refined at the same time, the shape of the back reminiscent of ram's horns.  The wood grain is beautiful.

 Great pattern on this vintage bargello needlepoint pillow. 

Next up, Remix Furniture Consignment where I found this . . .
Okay, call me crazy, but I love this custom daybed with the bold chinoiserie fabric. 
The pillows come off to reveal the daybed.
This could be the star of the show in a small space that needed to play double duty as living space/bedroom.

Spotted this cool dining table at the Habitat for Humanity HomeStore. It was marked "marble" although it looked a lot like travertine, but I'm not real up on my natural stone, so who knows. I really liked the shape, a very slender oval.

And lastly, I stopped in Southeastern Salvage and sound some great lighting . . .

I think all of these were under $100 each. Great deals!

So, did I get anything? Actually, I did. Just over the past couple of days I've hit up a couple of estate sales and snagged a couple of things for myself and to some to sell. 
Love this solid brass ice bucket. It's in really good shape, just needs some polishing. I actually got this at the flea market last Friday.

Love these onyx (?) horse bookends I found yesterday at a sale.

Great silver-plated lotus leaf candy dish, candle holder (whatever you want it to be) by Reed & Barton.

I will definitely be selling this brass cobra as my son is still afraid of snakes. But I just couldn't pass him up. Very cool.

Grabbed this vintage needlepoint horse pillow for my daughter who will resume her riding lessons soon.

Who doesn't need an acrylic caddy. Obviously great for utensils, napkins, etc. during a party but also thought I might use on my daughter's desk (or mine) to hold office supplies (tacks, pencils, paper clips, etc.)

Just can't pass up a portrait of a lady. Love the colors and her expression.
Speaking of selling, sadly my antique booth will be closing up in the next couple of days, but the good news is that I will be selling a lot of my smaller items online (either from my blog or Etsy or maybe both - haven't decided yet). And, stay tuned as there will be a Pop-Up Shop/Mini Flea/Tag Sale in the near future with lots of great stuff from some local bloggers including Modfrugal, Bri and me!

Hope you enjoyed my shopping round-up. Happy Weekend . . . I'm off to get my hair cut. Yeah!


Icchic said...


If you think that you would really want the acrylic Greek key table, I have a suggestion for you that would be MUCH cheaper and may give a nearly identical result. You should check your local area to find out if there are any plastic manufacturers or display box manufacturers. The process of making that table is relatively simple and I am betting that with labor and the cost of the acrylic (depending on the thickness, etc.) you could have that custom made for less than half of retail cost. I used to work in that industry and given the way the economy is at the moment, I would wager to say that a lot of those kind of shops are looking for work.

Just a thought!


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Kathy, I love your finds! I think everyone needs a lucite caddy. Sorry to hear about the shop. I had really wanted to get down there someday to see it. You'll definitely have to continue on Etsy or another avenue, though.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Kathy they sell acrylic sheets at the home depot. We should try and make our own.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Yes, make your own! That would be amazing.

My Interior Life said...

I'll leave it to Bri. I'd probably cut off a finger. But I could glue something :)

nelya said...

I love all of your finds and your purchases are fantastic! In fact, I was just considering buying the very same lotus dish the other day! But my favorite piece is that daybed, now that is a statement!!!

I"m sorry to hear about your booth, but I am excited to see what you offer online.

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I have been debating whether to buy one of those wood pendent lights at Southeastern Salvage-- the price is amazing! I love Remix too-- and don't get there enough. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Take care, Caroline

Style Redesign said...

Love Love it all!!! Especially the Greek Key table and Asian Art Deco Rug. Always love your posts-thanks for sharing your fun finds, feel like I got to go too. Tanya

CRICKET said...

I lvoed the greek key table and I am not even an acrylic fan. Sorry about closing your booth, I dabbled in antique sales and it is a tough business. Will be fun to see what you will be sellin gon etsy, etc.

Matt said...

I agree with Meg, that woman painting is creepy...

ModFruGal said...

Good stuff!!! I have the exact same lotus dish and love it. Oh, and I WOULD LOVE to buy that cobra...CC grew up with them and it would be a treasured reminder of his childhood! Here's to the Pop-up flea!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Kathy, sorry to hear about the booth closing. You and Bri had some great stuff - maybe it was the location? I opened a second booth across town a few mos. ago and haven't made rent yet! Not gonna give that one much longer..


Good eye kathy. You spied some great things.....the daybed is awesome. Sorry about the booth. In my experience [15 years ago] they take up a lot of time for not much reward.

Dallas Student said...

I love the cobra.