Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Kitty

Are you familiar with this book?

It's one of my children's favorites. They just cackle at the destructive antics of this angry or possibly just misunderstood feline. 

Well, it seems as if life has imitated art as this is what our own "bad kitty" did to the playroom carpet last night while we were sleeping. Yeah, not so funny in real life.

What the @#*%^&*??!!

Apparently, he got trapped in the playroom last night when I shut the door (to prevent our large dog from preying on toys and stuffed animals). Just like any trapped animal, he tried to dig/scratch his way out.

Our usually mellow "Bad Kitty" Oreo. He even looks like the illustrated version.

I swear I did not start this blog just to rant about my pets. This just has been a particularly weird week for the four-legged furry friends in our house. With all that's going on in the world, especially after the horrendous tragedy in Haiti, I'm not complaining. Just trying to add some levity with my mundane household issues. Sometimes you just have to laugh, right?!

I really don't want to re-carpet the whole playroom, so if you know of any carpet repair options or have any ideas on how I could conceal/camouflage this, please let me know.

Photos: Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, cover art courtesy of


Matt McGee said...

the resemblance of the cat on the book and the actual cat is uncanny. coincidence ... i think not!!

Susan said...

I am thinking of a something garish, gawdy....a cheesy welcome mat, perhaps. Oh, and I think dad has a book you can borrow about what to do with Oreo.