Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Shmonday

Today was one of those days. Monday, Monday . . . can't trust that day. It was a string of unpleasant occurrences . . . I awoke with my head hurting, discovered the dog had peed on the rug again (see below) and then received some disappointing news (nothing earth-shattering, but still). Later in the day, the washing machine started leaking and the cat puked on our bedroom carpet. Seriously.

Exhibit A (can't see the discoloration? I can)

In the grand scheme of things, I realize these are just minor hiccups, but overall I'd categorize this day as less than stellar. Not horrible . . . just not great fun.

But then something miraculous happened. I got over it. Something simple changed my mood. Sometimes, thank goodness, that's all it takes. Was it chocolate? Or a new piece of furniture (an X bench, maybe)?

Nope. It was my 4-year-old son playing his Nintendo DSI so intently that he developed an inadvertent kicking motion with his left foot nearly clocking me in the face as I sat next to him. For some reason, my husband and I found this hilarious. Then he proceeded to coach his father -- in an uber-serious manner -- on how to properly play his Super Mario Brothers game (as if my husband had never played a video game before in his life . . . ha!). It was hilarious and sweet and adorable . . . kind of one of those "you had to be there moments." Which is exactly why it was so great.

Leave it to a 4-year-old to put the whole day into perspective. Now, where's my Spot Shot?


arrione said...


Susan said...

Precious!! Our Monday didn't start off much better, actually the fun kicked off for us Sunday evening with Maren projectile vomiting. At least it wasn't all over my rug, just my travertine floor in the bath. Puke can't possibly be good for natural stone? She is now back to her old self.

My Interior Life said...

Thanks, Arrione and Susan. Susan, I'm sorry about Maren! Dad filled me in on her illness. Poor baby. I'm glad she's feeling better. I'll check in with you soon.